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Empower your future, learn from your past, and grow your business.

2022 Coaching Sessions 

Are you ready to take on new leadership challenges, grow your business, and make meaningful decisions? Are you ready to live a fulfilling and empowered life?

To achieve the most we want, we all need help. Let me help you be your best self.

Take up the challenge of leadership. Learn a science based approach to integrate the latest developments in neuroscience, humanities research, leadership practice, psychology, and physiology to ensure the best possible outcomes in your personal and professional decision-making.


I will work alongside you, transforming you into a visionary thought leader giving you the best advice and coaching to achieve your personal and organizational vision. I am the CEO Whisperer in the midst of turmoil. I have a unique ability to fiercely “hold the space”, creating a psychologically safe environment that allows you all the space you need to reach your full potential.

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Coaching that delivers results

We have delivered significant results to our clients over the years:


  • Speed Up & Effective Onboarding

  • Leading Successfully Complex Change

  • Growing From An Operational Management Role Into A Senior Executive Role

  • Leading With Purpose And Being Authentic

  • Setting Priorities And Leading Strategically

  • Developing Executive Presence & Conversational Intelligence


 “Dr. Cherry Collier is one of the most phenomenal people I’ve ever met”

Linda Brydie, Phillip Morris

“I am convinced I now have a set of techniques, skills and approaches that will increase my success in marketing my business and supporting my coaching clients in achieving the highest level of success in their lives.”

Doris Shannon CEO, Principal Coach

"I would recommend Dr. Cherry to anyone who wants to enhance their performance, improve their relationships (professional and personal), and increase their self-motivation.”

Rhonda Felder, CEO BeManifest

“Dr. Cherry provides powerful advice that points the way to success and personal growth. ...enlightening and motivating."

C.L. Hargrove, Ph.D., President Hargrove Management

About Dr. Cherry

One day Dr. Cherry had it all: a 6-figure job, both parents living, a loving and supportive relation-ship, and all the other things that go along with the fairy tale life. Suddenly, her dreams were turned inside out, forcing her to make some very tough life choices. Her greatest choice was deciding to view her cup as half full rather than half empty.

Her life experiences combined with her formal education and training continue to fuel her passion for inspiring, motivating and teaching individuals, teams and organizations to resolve conflict, manage and champion diversity, foster collaboration and achieve high performance.

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